Uganda Skateboard Union - Kampala

The Uganda Skateboard Union is a non-government organization helps children in the slum area of Kitintale Kampala Uganda, to battle idleness and any other sort of reckless behavior by putting their minds on something else that is skateboarding

The Uganda Skateboard Union is setting out to combat idleness and boredom among the youth of Uganda by providing a new, positive, and fun outlet for them. This outlet is skateboarding. The organization will focus on teaching and training Ugandan youth how to skateboard. They also want to help create bright and aware members of society so it will enforce the importance of education, teach the youth about health and sanitation issues, and educate the youth on HIV/AIDS. Skateboarding will be initially at the community level with our pilot project in Kitintale, Kampala District. In Kitintale the organization has created a community skateboard park and is training the youth that live in the area and any that come to visit. In the future the organization plans to introduce skateboarding to the whole of Uganda. 



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