R-A-D (Rock Climbing Association) - Beirut

R-A-D is a Swiss based organisation, helping communities harness the potential for rock climbing as a sport for development. They have worked with the climbing community in Lebanon to open up local climbing areas to encourage sustainable economic growth through increased tourism.

RAD assists rural communities to harness local climbing potential. RAD has supported a climbing festival in Armenia, a climbing camp in Madagascar, and developed an entire cliff in Tannourine, Lebanon with support from a USAID grant. RAD helps create long-term economic gains for communities as they are equipped to cater for tourism. Visiting climbers require accommodation and food, which can be supplied by local businesses. They work with the local municipality to secure access, protect the environment and promote a lasting and ecologically aware love of rock climbing leading to better health and sustainable development.

International climbers often travel to remote places for a photo shoot to promote themselves and their sponsors, leaving behind a route no local person could repeat and contributing little to the local economy.

RAD builds expert-level routes to attract foreign tourists to a new ‘destination’ crag while ensuring the involvement of local climbing groups. RAD reaches young climbers by building capacity of responsible community leaders and provision of resources. RAD builds a range of routes including beginner and intermediate climbs for locals.


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