Make Life Skate Life - Pyangon

Make Life Skate Life is a non-profit organization that works with local skateboarding communities around the world to create community-built concrete skateparks. Our projects in India, Bolivia, Jordan, Myanmar, and Ethiopia have been successful through local community involvement from start to finish, providing skateboarders with the tools, materials, knowledge, and inspiration to create their own projects.

Make Life Skate Life emerged as an organization in 2013 after building India's first public skatepark in a collaborative effort between the local Indian skateboarding community and 30 volunteers from all over the world. Since completion of the skatepark, the local skateboarding community has been spreading skateboarding throughout the country by building more than a dozen skateparks, making skateboarding accessible to thousands of young Indians. Since the first project in Bangalore, India (Holystoked Skatepark, 2013), Make Life Skate Life built community skateparks in La Paz, Bolivia (Pura Pura Skatepark, 2014), Amman, Jordan (7Hills Skatepark, 2014), Yangon, Myanmar (Pushing Myanmar, 2015), and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Addis Skatepark, 2016). Construction of all skateparks was led by professional skatepark builders who share their knowledge in the art of skatepark construction by creating world-class skateparks with skateboarding communities around the world. After skateparks are finished, local partner organizations establish free of charge on-site skateboarding and safety equipment loaner systems, allowing all children free access to skateboarding regardless of economic standing.

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