La Muralla - Montevideo

La Muralla is a sport climbing centre that coordinates and runs climbing programs for Down Syndrome children and for high risk young people. These programs are geared toward young people who have no access to any physical education courses or activities.

The La Muralla Foundation is a non-profit institution that has been created with the primary purpose of supporting projects and programs developed by the Cultural Institution of La Muralla and its Social Inclusion Sport Climbing Center. The goal is to expand, enhance and help create new programs and projects with similar goals..

The creation of the La Muralla Foundation was initiated because of an urgent need to support the work conducted by the La Muralla Social Inclusion Center that had been going on for the last thirteen years.

The former legal structure of the La Muralla organization largely limited its ability to establish cooperative agreements with public and private institutions.

Currently, the Foundation is an invaluable tool to serve the entire society. It has allowed us to significantly increase the number of boys and girls and adolescents served by our social programs, and improve the quality of these programs. We currently provide monthly assistance to a population of seven hundred boys and girls and adolescents affected by poverty, homelessness, neglect and abuse; some with serious emotional and physical and psychological needs. It is a Foundation seeking to awaken within the entire community the need to create opportunities to enable social inclusion for all who are less fortunate.


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