Gaza Parkour & Freerunning - Gaza

Development of Parkour in Gaza under occupation and giving youth opportunities to express themselves.

The Gaza Parkour Team was founded after founders Abdullah Anshasi and Muhammed Aljkhbeir were inspired by a documentary titled “Jump London” that aired on Al-Jazeera TV. At the time, Parkour was a relatively unknown and uncommon activity in the Middle East but it has since gained momentum, especially amongst refugee camp youths. Parkour, also known as “free running,” is a style of acrobatic traversing through physical obstacles to reach an end point while using no additional aid or equipment.
“Parkour gives us a sense of freedom and allows us to endure these conditions without getting deeply depressed,” The team practices in a former Israeli factory that was abandoned in 2005. It is currently in a state of ruin from shelling. the team would like to train elsewhere, but overpopulation in Gaza has caused residents to utilize and inhabit most structures. Other than the run down facility, the team also trains in rubble filled structures outside the Khan Younis refugee camp and in the neighboring cemetery. Physical obstacles aren’t the only barriers the team has been forced to overcome, however. , “We tried to practice on the roofs of houses and buildings in the refugee camps — the reactions of people were not positive because they considered us intruders or people trying to rob them.”

The team prefers to train in abandoned or isolated areas despite all these negative factors and conditions, the team has been steadfast and persevered through it all.
“We insist on continuing to practice the sport. That’s why we thought of increasing the number of the team members. Now we’re hoping to establish a much larger academy for parkour in Gaza, to train a new generations of practitioners and spread it among the young guys and girls all over Palestine.” To date, the team has grown to 15 members aspirations and are determined to grow and teach their sport to the disadvantaged youths of Gaza.

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