Providing other sporting options for youth and promoting health and social cohesion.

Today an increasing number of children and young people demand a looser organization and a less elitist community to play sports in. Young people want a flexible framework, where they have influence and where the view at sports and activities focus on; the social element, shared values and multiculturalism rather then the elite. Over the past decade, street sport proved its worth by activating this group of young people. This has been achieved by creating significant results with few resources. Street sport offers a great potential for the future generations of active Danes. That is why we today have The Danish National Platform for Street Sport (GADEIDRÆT), it is a platform that supports the young street sport entrepreneurs and consulting City Councils and the establish worlds of sport. The Danish National Platform for Street Sport is a platform for all who are passionate about street sports. The platform aims to develop and disseminate street sport throughout Denmark. Though financial support, knowledge sharing and consulting The Danish National Platform for Street Sport support the street sport, so its social, health and creative potential benefits as many people as possible. More precisely, the goal is to reach 100,000 children and young people through street sports.

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