Asociación de Skateboard de La Paz

Providing skateboarding lessons for free for at-risk youth who are home lessor living in extreme poverty minors. Providing a space for youth to learn without discrimination and violence.

Initiated by the Asociación de Skateboard de La Paz and Make Life Skate Life a skatepark with a connected youth center in the beginning has been built in 2014. The park is open to the public and without charges for the skaters.Goal is to give the kids of La Paz and El Alto new leisure activities and new prospects. Also teenagers that are addicted to drugs have the possibility to use the “Pura Pura Skatepark”. Everybody should be able to join, no matter the sex or the socio-economic background. skate-aid supports the Pura Pura Skatepark with safety gear, boards and hardware among other things.

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