The Women Behind Women’s Surfing NGOs

oct 2018 surf, empowerment, multi-sited

A five-part series profiling different surfing NGOS and the women leading them.

It has been argued that we are currently in a 'third stage of feminism', this is a time of increased visibility of gender equality issues and heightened awareness in society and organizations about the roles and opportunities for women. Here at ASDP, we are passionate about recognizing the struggles, politics, and successes of women in our community.

In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting the incredible work of women running surfing for development organizations. Women play such a huge part of developing, supporting and leading ASDP organizations, and we want to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on the contributions of women, working around the world, to improve the lives of girls, youth and local communities, via surfing.

What follows will be the first of a five-part series in which we profile different surfing NGOs and the women leading them. The five organizations are:

Grass Skirt Project
The Wahine Project
* Solwota Sista 
* Black Girls Surf

In each, we will be providing some background about each organization along with challenges around running a surf organization, and what the future holds for women in surfing and surf-related development work. Make sure you check back in each week for the next in the series!

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Kicking off the series with Grass Skirt Project!

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