‘Top Masters student seeking research/volunteer opportunities with an ASDP organisation: Meet Quentin Patrouillard’

mar 2019 action sports, development, united kingdom

We were thrilled to hear from Quentin Patrouillard who is currently completing his Masters at Loughborough University in the UK. There Quentin is studying with some of the world leaders in sport and development research. One of them described Quentin as ‘an exceptional student and keen to explore active/participatory fieldwork’ exploring innovations in ASDP. Read more about Quentin below and get in touch if you think he could be a good fit for your organisation:

1. Could you tell us a little bit about your current Master's studies? What is your degree, topics, areas of focus, how many students etc?

Completed my BBA undergraduate in Marketing at Bishops University in Canada (incl. two semesters abroad in Australia at Monash University). Currently finishing my Master's Program in Sports Business and Innovation at the highest ranked Sport Business University, Loughborough University London alongside 150 other students. This program explores the evolution of sports in a battle for relevance against the rising tide of technological development. Modules include: Organizational Behavior in the Sport Industry, New Media and Analytics for Sport Business, Sport Economics and Law, Business Planning, Sport Business Statistics and Analytics, and Sport Business and Innovation. 

2. What is your background that led you to this point?

Having lived in 10 different countries (1-3 years each time) I have observed the role and development of sports in a variety of regions and across a variety of cultures. Additionally, action sport has always played a major role in my life as I personally believe it has much to offer, including in terms of community empowerment. I have traveled solo to many developing countries such as Indonesia and Sri Lanka and understand how action sport has the potential to accelerate development and create a peaceful and collaborative environment.

3. How did you become interested in ASDP as an area of research? What do you think is interesting about the field of ASDP in contrast to other SDP programs and initiatives?

I am fascinated by the strong culture of action sport and its unique social dynamic that allows all types of individuals to engage with and become part of a community. Another inspiring characteristic of ASDP is the creation of trusting communities which share experiences and knowledge through communication and creative self-expression. These are some of the key aspects motivating me to pursue this research in order to help realize ASDP’s full potential.  

4. Could you tell us a bit about the research you are interested in doing, and how this connects with your placement?

My research question will be modified according to the opportunity offered but initially looks like this:  Consider/explore/examine how has the global south (remote areas) experienced change/impact from new ways of thinking (innovation) in sport for development. 

I would like to contribute to a project concerning ASDP, with the objective of collecting primary data (qualitative and quantitative) to determine what kind of potential strategies these communities could employ to foster development and peacebuilding. In short, I would like to take participatory action research (PAR) approach to encourage the exchange of knowledge around ASDP. This would involve me working with your teams’ on desired projects full-time.   

5. When would you like to do the placement and for how long? What would an ASDP organization need to do if interested in getting in touch with you? What would the organization need to provide for you during this placement?

I am free to volunteer for a period of 1-2.5 months between the end of May and end of August (preferably starting mid-July). If you are interested in having me as a volunteer and research assistant, please feel free to contact me by any of the following means, detailing what type of job/volunteer work you are offering, and the responsibilities involved, also noting if there are any benefits or support you are able to provide.

Email: Patrouillardq@gmail.com
Number: +447754953458
LinkedIn: Quentin Patrouillard

6. What do you feel you would contribute to an ASDP organization during this placement?

I have a variety of skills and tools which I could use to successfully develop projects and teach communities. Trained and proficient in many kinds of sports (Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Kitesurfing, roller-skating, ice-skating, tennis, football, table tennis…).

English, Spanish, French: Fluent
Russian: Elementary level

7. What do you plan to do with this research?

This project will be the primary subject of my thesis. The end goal is to create a positive impact on a community and understand its framework, movements, and its models which could be useful to other communities.



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